Senior Survey

Senior Survey
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Hello Seniors,


Every year our students are required to fill out a Senior Graduation Survey which gives us information used for Senior Awards, sending Final Transcripts, providing feedback to our counseling program, and helps us know where all of our students are going next year! Please review the link below to see instructions on how to login to Naviance and complete it. **NEW** the Naviance Login is now through your Weld Re4 Google Email account, no more forgetting your password!


Your senior graduation survey was due by May 1st. This survey is required for graduation. It should take you no more than 10 - 15 minutes to fill out the survey. Instructions on how to log in and complete your survey can be found here make sure you indicate which school you would like your final transcript sent to.


At the bottom of the survey, make sure you click "Save and I am finished" to submit your survey.

Students who have not completed their survey (and their parents) will receive a reminder email once a week. Once you've completed the survey you will no longer receive reminder emails.