What is Advisory Class?

What is Advisory Class?
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Advisory Class

Wizard Skills is a new class for all students this year:


Windsor High School will implement a new class for all students this year called Wizard Skills. This class will focus on supporting students' academic progress, career planning, school culture building, and build positive relationships.


We wanted to share with you a couple of main ideas:


  • ELO will be embedded in the Wizard Skills class
  • Students will still have a 45-minute lunch
  • Wizard Skills will be smaller groups of students that will remain as a cohort throughout their high school experience
  • Curriculum currently taught by the counseling office and through guest speakers will no longer need to interrupt content courses and instead be taught in the Wizard Skills class
  • Focus will be on financial literacy, technology and internet literacy, college and career planning, social-emotional learning, goal setting, and academic support
  • Students will have an opportunity to work with teachers to make up assignments and tests during this time (just like ELO)
  • Students will be graded on pass/fail basis with skills listed on their transcripts

For more information, please see page 18 of the course description book: https://windsorhighcounseling.weebly.com/course-description-guide.html