Dual Credit

During the 11th and 12th grade years, students have the opportunity to take dual-credit courses. These are college courses taught at Windsor High School, by WHS staff. Students who successfully complete these courses receive credit toward graduation requirements at WHS, as well as college credit from the University of Northern Colorado. Taking dual-credited courses is an opportunity for students to meet the first year requirements of many colleges. Since these are UNC credits, they will transfer to another college just like other UNC credits. However, only grades of “C” or higher are transferrable. If a student earns a “D” or below in a dual-credit course, UNC will prohibit this student from paying for additional credits through the dual-credit program. While the high school credit is free, the UNC credit is charged at approximately $60 per UNC credit. Students taking this for UNC credit may be expected to purchase their own textbook. It is the ultimate responsibility of the parent and student to determine the college/ university transferability of dual-credit course work. These classes are taught at the college level. Teachers have a higher expectation of student work than compared to students who are taking a traditional high school course. 

UNC Dual Credit Courses

College Composition [ENG 122 - 3 credits]
College Literature [ENG 131 - 3 credits]
Spanish IV [SPAN 102 – 5 credits]
College Algebra [MATH 124 - 4 credits]
College Trigonometry [MATH 125 - 3 credits]
Calculus [MATH 131 - 4 credits]
Calculus II [MATH 132 – 4 credits]
Geology [GEOL 100 - 4 credits]
Mathematics and Liberal Arts [MATH 120 – 3 credits]
Digital Earth [GEOG210 – 3 credits] 
Anatomical Kinesiology [SCI 335 - 3 credits]