Colorado Digital Learning Solutions

Weld RE-4 School District collaborates with Colorado Digital Learning Solutions (CDLS) to provide affordable, high quality, standards-based supplemental online coursework for schools and students needing advanced courses, curriculum enhancement and/or to resolve scheduling conflicts. 

CDLS courses are rigorous, aligned with Colorado Model Content Standards and conducted fully online. All CDLS courses are taught by highly-qualified Colorado-licensed teachers. Students can access courses 24/7, and can work from home, school, or anywhere they find internet access! Visit for more information about courses they offer. 

Students may take online classes if: 
  1. Space is available. 
  2. The class is not offered at Windsor High School or if there is a scheduling conflict for the student. 
  3. The class is in line with the student’s Individual Career and Academic Plan. 

Decisions are made on a case by case basis after application through the counseling department and approval by school administration. Please meet with your counselor to determine if CDLS coursework is available and a viable option for your situation.