Concurrent Enrollment

Concurrent Enrollment provides an opportunity for students to challenge themselves during the school year by taking college level courses at postsecondary state institutions. The school district will pay tuition costs up to the community college rate. The school district is not responsible for the cost of books, materials, or administrative/student fees. Weld RE-4 School District currently has contracts with Aims Community College, Front Range Community College, and the University of Northern Colorado. Weld RE-4 High School students may only take courses with these institutions at this time. 

To be considered eligible for this program, a student must meet the following conditions: 

Request to participate in coursework that a Weld RE-4 High School does not offer or have exhausted coursework in a curriculum area at a Weld RE-4 High School
Meet prerequisites for the college level courses
Require no remedial coursework at the college level
The course must be directly related to an educational or career decision, and be in line with the student’s plan of study on their ICAP (Individual Career and Academic Plan)

Students may use the class for both high school and college credit. 

College Credit Equivalency Chart

College Credits

HS Credits

1 credit


2-3 credits


4-5 credits


Concurrent Enrollment application materials are available in the Counseling Office. Please adhere to deadlines posted and speak with your counselor for details.