Counseling Resources

The counseling department's goal is that students will feel comfortable approaching us about anything. We are trained in personal/social and crisis counseling, and it is our job to help stabilize students who encounter a difficult situation while at school. We hope students know we are always here to listen without judgment and to help students problem solve. Additionally, we are here to serve as advocates in connecting families with community resources should they feel it is appropriate to seek outside support.

Windsor High School Counselors Provide:
  • Personal and social counseling
  • Crisis counseling
  • Assistance with school pressures
  • Information about the school and community
  • Help with interpersonal and communication skills
  • Help with peer/family concerns
  • Referrals to community agencies
Local Mental Health Resources:
Information on who you can talk to here in the community, how to start the conversation, and how to talk to your student about a tragedy or loss. Helpful Links: COVID-19 Resources

Parents: If you need resources on talking to your students and helping your family cope with the recent COVID-19 pandemic, please refer to the district's Mental Health Resources document. Some other resources are also listed below.

WHO - Helping Children Cope with Stress
Child Mind Institute - Talking to Kids
NASP - Talking to Children
CDE - Talking to Children Resouce
SAMHSA - Coping with Stress
NCTSN - Parent/Caregiver Guide

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