Clubs & Organizations

Art Club-  Time and Place: room 306 on Thursdays from 3:20-4:30. Sponsor: Jennie Mizrahi 

Activities: Art club members will have access to art supplies to do self-driven projects.  Students may also choose to learn specific art skills, organize public service art, and participate in department field trips.  The art club is responsible for organizing and hanging the senior art show in the spring.

Rules/Regulations: Students must obey the guidelines for school appropriate art delineated on Ms. Miz's website. Any students may be barred from participation for abuse of the facilities or school inappropriate behavior.

Bio Club-  Bio Club provides a place for students that have an interest in biological careers, experiments, etc beyond the classroom. Students will have monthly meetings. See Ms. Pennington in room 204 for details.

Calm Mind Club-  Calm Mind Club is focused on reducing stress, increasing concentration, and relaxation. See Mrs. Shaha or Mr. Schmalzer for more information.

WHS Chess Club-  The purpose of our Chess Club is to help teach, improve, and enjoy the game of chess. 

Why join???  First of all, playing chess can be a lot of fun.  Additionally, it is a great opportunity to learn to play chess, to improve as a player and to socialize with others who enjoy a common interest.  Learning to play chess also benefits students by teaching them to focus, plan ahead, weigh options, respond to challenges and to think analytically.  Students who play chess develop analytical skills that will help them in the classroom.  Finally, the competitive aspect of chess will give players an opportunity to practice good sportsmanship. See Mr. Marino in the counseling office for more details.

Craft Club-  Craft club was formed by students that wanted an opportunity to come together as a group and let their creative side come out.  Any student that is interested in making crafts can join craft club.  We will have meetings during lunch (TBD) and activities after school (TBD).  See Ms. Cumings or Ms. Rizzuto for more information.

Drama Club-  The Drama Club is for students with an interest in plays and play production.  The club will be involved with any production during the year.  An appreciation of the dramatic arts will also be stressed with the possibility of attending professional productions in other cities.  The International Thespian Society is an honor society of the Drama Club.  ITS students are inducted in the spring.  See Mrs. Estrada in room 406 for details.

FFA-  National FFA Organization is a national youth leadership organization that reflects the broadening field of agriculture, which today encompasses more than 300 careers in everything from Agriscience to biotechnology to turf grass management.  Students must be enrolled in an agriculture class to participate in FFA activities that include social events, community service, competition, as well as many travel and scholarship opportunities.  See Mrs. Spaur or Mr. Bessire in the agriculture area for more information.

Future Business Leaders of America – FBLA-  This organization means business!  All are welcome to join FBLA, and students pursuing the business curriculum are enthusiastically encouraged to attend.  Through service, leadership, social, and instructional activities, students develop professional business outlooks and awareness.  See Mrs. Smith in room 221 for more information.

Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America – FCCLA-  FCCLA is a national youth organization that promotes personal growth and leadership development through Family and Consumer Science courses.  The organization is intra-curricular; however, students not enrolled in an FCS course may choose to participate by contacting the advisors.  Various community service projects, fundraisers, and social events are included in the student-generated activities.  See Mrs. Gleason, Mrs. Francis, or Ms. Caldwell for more details.

French and German Clubs-  The purpose of the French and German clubs are to provide cultural enrichment through a variety of activities, projects, and travel related to the language studied.  Any student who has studied or is studying one of these languages is welcome to join the club.  To remain eligible for the club, a student must participate in at least two club activities during the school year.  See Ms. Schulz or Ms. Gilmore for more information.

GSA-  The GSA is a student initiated club focused on awareness and understanding of diversity and sexual orientation.  We are currently looking for a teacher sponsor for this.  See Ms. Mitchell or Ms. Plowman for more details.

Interact-  Interact is a student initiated community service organization focused on international issues.  Members participate in awareness and fundraising campaigns to educate and support important international awareness.  Interact is the student chapter of Rotary International.  See Ms. Schrieber in room 212 for more details.

Key Club-  Key Club is a community service organization focused on local and regional issues.  Members participate in a variety of service and fundraising activities to support the local community.  Key Club is the student chapter of Kiwanis International.  See Ms. Duvall in room 119 for more information.

Knowledge Bowl-  Any student is eligible to join the WHS Knowledge Bowl team.  Practice for this team begins in November and is held one evening a week for 1 ½ hours.  Competition begins in December and concludes with the Tri-Valley League competition in February.  League competition includes both varsity and junior varsity teams.  The state qualifying and state meets are held in the spring.  Students can earn a WHS letter in this activity.  See Mr. Thompson in room 207 for more information.

Literary Magazine-  This club allows students a space to submit and publish creative writing short stories, poetry, photography, and artwork.  Students will lead, edit, and design. See Ms. Plowman in room 117 for information about this.

National Honor Society – NHS-  The NHS includes members of the junior and senior classes.  Faculty votes to accept new members of the WHS Chapter after the end of first semester.  Students must have a GPA of 3.5 or above, and are judged on the basis of leadership, character, and service.  See Ms. Rummel in room 210 details.

Robotics-  This club introduces students to the building and operation of robots.  Skills are developed to collaborate with students from WHS and other schools while competing in the First Tech Challenge Program.  See Mr. Cline in room 123 for more information.

Spanish Club-  The purpose of Spanish Club is to provide cultural enrichment through a variety of activities, projects, and travel related to the Spanish language.  Any student who has studied or is studying Spanish is welcome to join the club.  We visit a Spanish-speaking restaurant once a semester and take part in “Shoeboxes of Love” drive each ear.  The club meets the third Friday of each month at 7:30 am.  See Mrs. Cumings, Ms.Cutlip, or Ms. Winner for details.

Student Council-  Student Council is the student government of WHS.  They are in charge of many activities throughout the school year, including homecoming, school improvements, dances, and important issues involving the administration.  The group has lots of fun and would like to invite you to join.  Meetings take place every Thursday morning at 7:30 am in the Fireside Room.  See Ms. Aschliman or Ms. Mann for details or speak to any of your student body officers.

WHS Weightlifting Club-  The Windsor High School Weight Lifting Team is a club that gives students an opportunity to train and compete in the Olympic and powerlifting disciplines. See Mr. Cooper if interested.

Yearbook-  Yearbook is a production based club.  Enrollment in Intro to Journalism class is required.  Class and club members write stories, take photographs, etc. to document the student experience.  See Mrs. Sutton in room 120 for Yearbook.


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