Student Parking

Student parking is a privilege at Windsor High School. Students must apply for a parking pass by completing a parking permit application, and presenting a current driver's license and vehicle registration to the main office.  Additionally, students must follow all student parking rules and regulations.

Windsor Student Parking Lot Policy

Windsor High School strives to maintain a safe place for our students, staff and visitors to park. Therefore, the following rules must be adhered to when parking in any of the WHS parking areas:

1. All vehicles must be parked in a designated parking space. Parking in the yellow striped areas or fire lanes is not permitted. Only vehicles with properly displayed handicapped placards are allowed to park in designated handicapped areas.

2. All vehicles must maintain a safe speed under 10 MPH while driving in the parking lot. Speeding and dangerous driving are not permitted.

3. During peak traffic times -- before school, during lunch and after school -- all drivers must adhere to any roped off lanes and follow instructions per the traffic attendant to enter or exit the parking lot safely. Cutting in line, passing other vehicles via the roped off lane, and skipping lanes is not permitted. 

4. All WHS students must have a valid parking permit.

5. Students must park in the student lots -- they are not permitted to park in designated lots for staff and visitors.

Windsor High School uses a parking ticket program with fines and a wheel clamp, or parking "boot," to enforce parking lot policy. Students receiving a ticket and/or having the wheel clamp applied to their vehicle should meet with administration before having the clamp removed. Tampering with the wheel clamp may result in disciplinary action, up to and including suspension and referral to law enforcement.

Vehicles will be given one warning ticket and may then be subsequently booted for the following violations:

1. No parking permit

2. Parking in yellow lined areas, reserved areas, or the fire lane

Vehicles may be booted without a warning for the following violations or any other significant violations:

1. Speeding and dangerous driving

2. Cutting in line, passing other vehicles via the roped off lane, and skipping lanes

3. Students parked in the staff or visitor lots

4. Disregarding the instructions of the traffic attendant

When vehicles are booted, the boot may remain on the vehicle for the rest of the school day.

When a vehicle has been booted three or more times, a parent may be required to come to the school to have the boot removed.